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I liked the movie but the changes from the book seemed unnecessary?? I dont think they really helped guide the plot? It was just reimagining it I guess. I enjoyed it for sure and wow the casting was awesome but the changes kinda made me sad.

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alex i saw the movie tonight !! but idk thomas seemed kind of a bland char to me. was he better in the books?

yeah! ¬†I’m glad you got a chance to see it! ¬†ok so slight disclaimer, Thomas was one of my favorite characters so I’m a bit bias but I have read a lot of reviews from other people who have read the series and they REALLY don’t like him so I think it’s kinda personal preference. ¬†But with that being said, Thomas is a pretty bland character in the first book but I¬†discern this to the fact that he literally just woke up in a box with no memory of anything of who he even is or what type of personally he should even have. ¬†I mean he’s a shell to start out and I think that’s why he comes off as a little bland. ¬†In the books (and I’d say mainly the second and third books) he really finally starts to gain some self definition¬†to the point where he doesn’t want to go back to the type of person he was before. ¬†Looking at Thomas from the start to the end of the series is really quite interesting considering he literally starting out as a blank slate. I think he’s an interesting character, Dylan O’Brien did a great job portraying him and I think sequels will lend more to his character like the books do. ¬†:3

How can Mako be so very kawa-ii? I mean, in episode 3 she perpetrated a school shooting and we were all like, "Awww, what a cutie!"

Because Mako is perfect.

I saw The Maze Runner premier last night and I was very impressed!  I have my gripes as always but overall, spot on casting, the changes in the plot from the book were understandable for the most part and it was just really fun to watch!  Super action packed and engaging, also some of the parts with the maze and grievers and stuff were just plain cool.  

I’ve spent the last few weeks plowing through the book trilogy (I’m working on finishing the prequel now) and overall A+ series I would definitely¬†recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of¬†dystopian/post apocalyptic fiction. ¬†Also please go see the movie if you get the chance I reallllly want them to be¬†successful¬†so we can get a¬†sequel!¬†¬†nevermind¬†I was just informed it is¬†getting a sequel fuck yeah

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