have you ever cosplayed anything from resident evil? I think you would make an awesome ada wong :-)

WHOAAA IT’S REALLY WEIRD I GOT THIS ASK because I was literally just saying to my bf the other day we need to cosplay re again haha

but heck yeah I cosplayed Ashley back in the day!  (sorry I really don’t have any good pictures T__T)

But yesss Ada’s a babe I’ve always wanted to cosplay her I’m so happy to hear you think I could pull her off.  maybe someday for sure! I’ve always really wanted to do Jill or Claire too haha (too many awesome re girls to pick from ;w;)

HI, sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if you'd also recommend Old Navy's rockstar jeans for boys cosplaying AoT as well, or something else? Thanks.

Hello!  The boys in our group used old navy rockstar jeans as well as the ladies and they worked just fine.  Fair warning they had to be careful of the goods showing haha but I’d guess anytime you get tight pants like that you will probably run into a similar problem.  All I can say is there is no way you can wear those belts with pants that are not skin tight without some bunching problems so that’s why we went with those pants for everyone in the group.  (which normally I’d advise against tight pants for male characters but I feel snk with that harness is a special circumstance lol) The only thing I can think of if you could find some with tight legs and a looser crotch area?  But yeah!  If you want some visual reference the Bert and Reiner in these and these pics are wearing those pants!   

Hey I'm going as beat from the world ends with you I was wondering what kind of make up I should get because I want to cover up the redness in my face what do you suggest???

YESSS BEAT I’M SO HAPPY!  (there are not enough twewy cosplayers in this world ;w;)  Really any sort of foundation/powder combo should be able to help with your redness.  I would look around and see what works best for your skin type. I’m no makeup aficionado when it comes to brands so I usually just use drug store stuff but it gets the job done.  For my face I usually use a combination of Monistat chaffing relief powder gel (this stuff works like a primer of the gods), l’oreal true match foundation and covergirl loose powder.  I don’t have any suggestions for foundation sticks because I usually don’t use one but it may be worth looking into as well if you need extra coverage!  :3  Best of luck on your Beat cosplay!

I think I'm having a heart attack cuz always when I see your cosplays I cry coz wtf you are so perfect and would be a dream meetin you personality T.T

oh no thank you so much I really appreciate the kind words.  ; A ;  I guarantee you 100% I am the biggest dweeb irl and pretty much anything from perfect haha but it would be nice to meet and chat.  I’m not sure if you go to cons but maybe someday!  

Hi! I'm looking up air compressors for airbrushing troll makeup, and the only ones I can find that are for makeup are a max of 15 psi. I know in an earlier post you said somewhere around 30 psi is what you use. Will it make any difference as to how to makeup looks or will it take longer to apply if the psi is 15?

Hello!  Slight disclaimer this kid did most of the research before purchasing our airbrush machine so I always like to direct people to him for more knowledge but just from my experience in general… first of all you have to match the psi to whatever your airbrush can handle.  For doing anything besides light airbrushing (like painting a model or something), you definitely want something with a greater output.  I imagine that 15 PSI would take forever to paint someone’s body.  (I believe ours is over 40 and it still takes quite awhile)  Makeup compressors are gentle with the intention for using on someones face, for body your probably gonna want to look more into the realm of compressors used for larger scale art.  You have to think of it in terms more like painting a car (ok maybe bad example haha) as opposed to a compressor used for fine detail painting.  I know there are a ton of guides to purchasing the right compressor for your airbrush out there you just have to do a bit of research.  And I would try looking around ebay or amazon there were a ton on there we found when looking!  Used is probably your best option if you can find one cost wise.  Ours is a modded compressor from an old art student and it works great.  (and is small enough to lug around to con hotel rooms lmao)  Best of luck finding a compressor that works for you!