I’m really curious about how you made the harness u___u Was it comfortable wearing all day?

I’ll go into it more detail when I make the tutorial but here’s a basic picture of it… (sans the wire brace that ran down the back of my spine, I hadn’t added it yet)

But basically the wings which were made out of PVC, slid down and fit snug over the wooden dowel on the harness.  Then a pin ran though the side to hold the wings in place and voila!

In all honestly, I didn’t wear Davesprite for THAT long because the wings were too cumbersome to function in but for the time I did wear it for it was pretty comfy.  Sort of like wearing a heavy backpack.  I was really well supported though, as I would recommend to anyone wearing wings that size.  :3

these were…your first wing attempt. I’m done. I give up. Game over.

Nooo, no no you can do it don’t give up!!!  <3<3<333

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