How long have you and Nick been together? Where and how did you two meet? :D

Nick and I have been together for almost 6 years!  We meet each other in high school, marching band to be specific… he played baritone and I played flute.  I would always catch him looking across the field at me and thought it was really cute because at the time he had really really long hair and would hide behind it and think I didn’t notice.  :P

I had to make the first move because he was a nervous dork and our first conversation was about what I thought was a REALLY COOL Inuyasha shirt I was wearing at the time because we were an will continue to be two of the biggest dweebs ever.

  1. sprightlycartoonist said: that is the cutest thing i ever did read
  2. leesers said: Oh no way, Michael had super long hair in school too!! And it’s adorable that you two met in marching band :)
  3. sciencelabrador said: (/*u*\) that’s adorable omg
  4. tercalumireis said: NICK GROW OUT YOUR HAIR
  5. violetprince said: fjksldgka I love cute stories I’m going to die you guys are precious
  6. junkerjunkee said: I have butterflies! This is sooo cute ; v ;
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